My Child Needs Therapy. What Do I Do?

You’ve just found out or realized that your child needs therapy.

You’re not sure where to go, what to do. You just want what is best for your child.

I understand. I am a parent, a physical therapist with many years of experience, and a member of the community. We strive to help the families and children of our community and we are here to help you along this path.

How would you like it if hand-picked pediatric therapists came to you, in your home, and handled the therapy for you? No rushing out to an office.

Weber Pediatric Therapy sends its pediatric therapists to you. Our company is like an outpatient pediatric therapy office in your own home. Or if you prefer we will go to your child’s day care or preschool. Then you don’t have to spend the time with your child at an office.

How much is your time worth? If you could avoid the time spent traveling to and from an office, waiting before and during therapy, would you?

How important is it to get pediatric therapy for your child?

We have worked with children of all ages, providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy to children throughout Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties. Some parents want therapy in their home for reasons including time concerns, siblings, convenience, immunosuppression or immunocompromise, and no local outpatient offices in the area. Some want therapy in their child’s preschool or daycare so therapy can take place during the time that they have to be away from their child due to work. Some are looking to supplement the therapy received though EI or Department of Ed programs. Some are preemies that parents do not want to take to an office.  Some feel strongly that their child will be more comfortable in their own environment.  Some have been referred by their pediatricians and they like the idea of therapy in home rather than an office. Some parents initiated therapy themselves, realizing their child needed help. There are many reasons that parents choose us.

Choosing your therapy provider is an important decision. We strive to provide you with information to help you make an informed decision. That is why we start with a summary of benefits of both in and out of network. Each insurance plan can differ. Your patient portion will depend upon your insurance plan. Depending upon the plan it may be a little more expensive. We have to be out of network, because in network rates are generally less than we pay our excellent therapists per visit. But how much is your time worth? Can you put a price on your child’s progress? And are you really looking for the cheapest option for your child? Cheaper is not always better. You probably have experienced that with other products and services. We would like to be the cheapest, but it’s not possible. So instead, we try to be the best, the most convenient. We provide value, convenience, experience, and excellent therapy, and bring it to you.

We are fully confident that you will be happy with our services and our therapists.

We are always available for questions. We believe in our model, that of bringing therapy to you in your home. Allowing your child to be in their own environment. Saving you time and lowering your stress level. We follow the model of the golden years of house calls, when the doctor knew the patient personally and came to their home.

We want you to make the choice that is best for you. We believe that we are the best choice for pediatric therapy, and we want to be a part of you making the best choice for you and your family. Click here to get your summary of benefits today.


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