What is Weber Pediatric Therapy?

You’ve just found out, or figured out, that your child needs therapy.  You realized it, or maybe your pediatrician brought it up to you.  You’re not sure what to do!

You don’t know who to go to.  You’re busy.  You may have other children that you don’t want to drag to an office.   You don’t have the time for driving to and from an office, waiting there, every week.  You’re not sure your child would even tolerate going to an office on an ongoing basis!  You wish there was a better option.

What if you could have a hand-picked, experienced pediatric therapist come to your home?  An excellent therapist from a trusted practice!

Weber Pediatric Therapy is owned by physical therapists who are also parents, and are members of your community.  Our goal is to help the children of our community by providing the highest quality therapy in the most convenient, low stress manner.  In keeping with our goal,  our in-home model allows us the opportunity to help even more children by providing services in a greater geographical area!

We provide the most convenient experience possible.  Our therapists come to your home.  We bill your insurance company as an out of network provider.

We provide pediatric physical, occupational, and speech therapy in your home.

These services can help your children to move forward functionally.

We have helped children of all ages, in multiple counties.  Some receive one, and some receive more than one, type of therapy.

We are the most convenient service, providing highly experienced and skilled therapists that come to you.  Like a house call.  Your own, personal therapist coming to your home.  The same therapist every time, including the evaluation.  There is no waiting list.   We get going ASAP.  In some cases we will go to a preschool to provide therapy.  You save time, decrease stress.  If you have other children you don’t have to drag them to an office.

Click here to request a summary of benefits.  We will get both in and out of network summaries so you can compare.

Our therapists have made a difference in the lives of our patients and their families.  Like the infants that our therapists have treated for Torticollis, which is a tight muscle in the neck.  Or the preemie that Mom did not want to risk exposing to other people that might be sick.  Or the children that need help with fine motor movement, muscle weakness, speech, feeding, and so on.  There are many areas that we can help with.

If you are ready to get started, if this sounds like the right service for you, please fill out our form and we will get started by getting a summary of benefits for you.   Click here to get started.

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